How to maintain new Chinese furniture?


Guide: New Chinese furniture inherits the mature concept of the ancients in design, combined with the modern people’s pursuit of aesthetic and functional coordination, integrated into the modern scientific ergonomic design, making the seat more comfortable and practical. Most of the materials used in the materials are wood materials, so the maintenance of new Chinese furniture is the same as the maintenance of traditional Chinese furniture, and all need to be taken care of.
The new Chinese furniture is a fusion of Chinese elements and modern materials. It is a style that reflects traditional elements in a way that conforms to the aesthetics of modern people.

The new Chinese-style furniture inherits the mature concept of the ancients in combination with the modern people’s ergonomic design, which makes the seat more comfortable and practical. Most of the materials used in the materials are wood materials, so the maintenance of new Chinese furniture is the same as the maintenance of traditional Chinese furniture, and all need to be taken care of.

Maintenance 1

Especially in the cold winter, the heating is baked, the air is dry, and the wood itself is relatively fragile in winter, so the maintenance is urgent!

Different woods have different maintenance
Maintenance 3

I have to admit that rosewood furniture is the most difficult to maintain in all mahogany furniture. If the rosewood furniture is not completely dried and shaped, it is prone to cracking and other problems. Even if the treatment is completely cleared, there will be some shrinkage or cracking under different temperature and humidity changes.

Maintenance points

place it with care: keep a distance of one centimeter from the wall when placing it, and don’t stick it to the wall. Because if it is too close, the moisture on the brick wall will erode the furniture, make the furniture damp, and damage the wax layer or patina on the furniture surface, thus damaging the wood. Furniture with drawers, do not put heavy objects and blunt objects, so as not to crush and scratch, nor to step on, especially in dry winter, the most vulnerable.

Maintenance 4

Daily Wiping: The maintenance of mahogany furniture requires occasional cleaning. In the daily rubbing process, the rosewood furniture is best wiped with a coarse cloth. The surface of the furniture will be more shiny and smooth. There are many places for carving and hollowing out in hardwood furniture. Some places are difficult to handle with a cloth, as long as the brush is used, and the harder the brown hair of the brush is. Moreover, during the wiping process, it is best to wipe in the direction of the wood grain, so that the rosewood furniture looks more beautiful in wood grain. The oil on the table can be wiped with alcohol. If there is no alcohol, it can be wiped with high-alcohol.

Maintenance 5

Waxing: After the dust is completely removed, it is necessary to master the principle of shallow to deep, from point to surface, step by step, and evenly wax. Another method is to wax the wax, dry the wax on the surface of the furniture, then use a hot hair dryer to blow the wax into a liquid, brush it with a brown brush, wait for it to cool and solidify, and then use a wood chip or bamboo to surface Remove the floating wax, and finally use a brown brush and cloth to “shake" and polish. This is a more professional and difficult method. If you don’t get it, you will make the patina a “new". It is not recommended for amateurs and novices to adopt.

Loose parts: Try to plug and reinforce it with a toothpick, white glue or cardboard. Never use 502 to stick. If the loosening situation is serious, you should seek technical assistance in a timely manner.

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Red sandalwood is one of the most valuable woods in the world. There is water in the red sandalwood wood. When the air humidity is too low, it will shrink. If it is too high, it will swell, so don’t put it in a place that is too dry or humid. Red sandalwood is a hardwood with a high density and is less likely to encounter insects. However, ultraviolet light has an effect on its appearance. Under direct sunlight, the color of red sandalwood will turn yellow.

Maintenance 6

Maintenance points

place it carefully: Remember to stay away from heat and glare, and place it in a place where the humidity is right at home. The surface of the rosewood furniture in the home should avoid rubbing with hard objects to avoid damaging the texture of the paint surface and the surface of the wood. For example, when placing decorative items such as porcelain bronzes, be careful. It is best to use a soft cloth. When handling or moving furniture, it should be handled gently and not hard, so as not to damage the structure.

Daily Wiping: “Every time you wipe it, don’t make it dusty.” The look of the rosewood comes from the usual, but never rub it with a wet rag or a rough rag, which will damage the wood and surface of the furniture. A soft cotton cloth is preferred for wiping. If there is oil stains, gently wipe with alcohol.

Maintenance 8

Waxing: It is best to choose a high-concentration solid wax for waxing. While maintaining the furniture, it can also fill in small defects on the furniture. In addition, spray wax is also a good choice. But the caveat is that the two can’t be used together, because it will make the furniture surface no longer bright.

Rosewood furniture is denser in wood and prefers a damp and dark environment. In a dry environment, especially in a strong external environment, rosewood is particularly prone to cracks due to uneven heat and evaporation of water. Therefore, in the northern region, especially in the dry winter, the maintenance of rosewood must be in place.

Maintenance 9

Maintenance points

place your attention: When placing the items in rosewood furniture, pay attention to the size of the items. The weight should be appropriate. Do not place too large or heavy items. If the items are improperly placed, the rosewood furniture door and other places may be deformed and damaged. In the process of using rosewood furniture, it is best to place a layer of cloth, rattan or glass partition on the furniture table. Try to use a material with a smooth surface and less wear to protect the surface of the rosewood furniture from damage. Or scratched.

Daily Wiping: Always clean the surface of rosewood furniture in daily life and keep the surface of the furniture clean. When cleaning, use a clean rag with a small amount of water and carefully wipe the furniture. Cleaning the surface with chemical liquids, placing surface paint and damage to wood is not recommended.

Maintenance 10

Waxing: Wipe the dust with a soft rag, try not to touch the water and moisture, use homemade walnut oil or buy walnut oil to maintain, step by step, even waxing.

Chicken wing wood
The chicken wing wood furniture is hard wood, and the wood contains impurities such as fine sand and is difficult to process. But the wenge wood is famous for its distinctive and unique texture, and it is not rot, not insects, it is its biggest feature. However, chicken wing wood is also afraid of high heat, and has certain requirements for humidity.

Maintenance 11

Maintenance points

pay attention to: This kind of furniture is afraid of high temperature and high heat, so be careful to avoid placing near heating, air conditioning and places with excessive light.

However, the main issues that people have is choosing the best Storage Rack.

Daily Wipe: Avoid wiping with a damp cloth or a rough rag, especially for older furniture. Be sure to wipe with a clean, soft cotton cloth.

Maintenance 12

Waxing: After using it for a period of time, add a little furniture wax or walnut oil, and gently rub it back and forth along the wood grain, so that the appearance of the chicken wing wood furniture can be ensured at any time.

Because of the material, ebony furniture will damage the material of ebony furniture due to excessive sunlight or moisture. It is easy to crack and crisp and easy to fold. Therefore, ebony furniture should avoid excessive sunlight and keep it dry.

Maintenance 13

Maintenance points

Daily Wipe: The most taboo of ebony furniture is the wet cloth wipe, because the moisture in the wet cloth and the lime sand will form a granular shape. Once the surface of the ebony furniture is rubbed, it will easily cause some damage. Therefore, it is best to use a fine and soft brush for daily wiping. Gently remove the dust and then slowly wipe it with a dry cloth of cotton and linen. If you accidentally get stains, wipe it with a small amount of water-soluble or oily detergent.

Maintenance 14

Waxing: Ebony furniture should be waxed after it has been completely removed, otherwise it will form wax spots, or cause abrasion and scratches. The choice of wax is also very important. Generally, wax, water wax and bright wax can be used, but do not use car wax. When waxing, it is necessary to master the principle of shallow to deep, from point to surface, step by step, and evenly wax. Generally speaking, the wax can be applied every two weeks, but if it is really scratched, bumped or worn, you have to ask the expert to repair it in time.

Maintenance 15

Is it a dazzling look? There is no relationship to summarize for you:
1. Control the environmental humidity
New Chinese furniture is mostly made of wood materials, and as long as it is woody material, it is easily eroded by moisture. Therefore, if the environmental moisture content exceeds the standard, the wood is prone to swelling after water absorption, but at the same time, the moisture content cannot be too low. If the moisture content is too low, the interior of the furniture is easy to dry, which may cause cracks in the furniture.

Therefore, to control the indoor humidity, the relative humidity of the indoor environment is preferably maintained at 35%-40%.

Maintenance 16

2. Avoid long-term exposure to sunlight and direct sunlight
Wood materials are mostly afraid of high temperature and high heat, so in places where new Chinese furniture is placed, avoid long-term exposure or direct sunlight of the sun, and keep away from heat sources in the home, such as heating.

3. Regular dust removal can be as clean as new
The new Chinese-style furniture is often engraved with complicated patterns. It will inevitably lead to accumulation of dust when it is not taken care of for a long time. Usually, a clean cotton rag or a relatively thin brush is used to remove dust from the embossed or embossed ornament.

Maintenance 17

4. Cleaning and waxing are protective tips
If you need to clean, you can choose a softer rag to gently wipe the surface of the furniture, just like the maintenance of leather shoes. If you want to wax, you must keep the gloss and color after the wax is finished. .

Maintenance 18

5. Take it lightly and away from sharp and heavy objects.




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